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For over a century, we are on the frontlines of the struggle for economical and social justice


From hospitals and emergency services, to schools and universities, public administration and local government, to water and electricity utilities: the members of our affiliated unions deliver the vital public services which make society happen.

We promote public ownership and management of public services. PSI is on the frontline of the fight against privatisation, which serves the interests of the wealthy few at the cost of workers and our communities.

Key figures

Numbers we are proud of

30 million


Since our beginning, we’ve been dedicated to growing the union movement. Today we represent over 30 million workers over the world.



Our mandate comes from the trade unions - from small grassroots worker organisation to large national union centers.



We’re proud to be a truly global organisation - our diversity gives us strength.

Who we are

Public Services International is part of the original movement of Internationals: united groups of socialists, trade unionists and workers created to link the struggles of the working class around the world.

Since our founding Congress in 1907, PSI has grown into a truly global organization, with regional offices on every continent. From our Head Office in Ferney Voltaire, France (on the border with Geneva, Switzerland), our team continues this legacy.

Rosa Pavanelli “Public service workers work for more than money – they are in the job to serve their community”

Rosa Pavanelli is General Secretary of Public Services International

As a union federation, we include over 700 affiliated workers organisations; from grassroot movements to national union centers. Our power comes from the workers whose interests we defend. All of our activities are based on the concept that when we grow our power, we can win.

To server the community,public workers require labour rights, decent working conditions and involvement in the management of the services they deliver.

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What do we do

We defend

We defends the rights & interests of public service workers and trade unions across the world - rights to join a union, to bargain collectively and to strike.

We provide

We provide advice, training, research, social media tools, communication tools, campaining tools, link to community moves.

We fight

We fight privatisation and all forms of oppression within the United Nations, The World Bank, IMF, OECD and other global and regional institutions.


Public and private healthcare spending and outcomes in USA & Belgium

Securing collective bargaining rights for public services unions, as well as ensuring that women are represented at the bargaining table and in trade union leadership are two fundamental conditions for progress to be made in regard to equal pay.


PSI Research Unit

PSIRU examines the social, economic and political aspects of privatisation and liberalisation in water, energy, waste management, health care and social care.

PSIRU Website

Local and regional governments (LRG)/municipal sector workers run essential services in cities, metropolitan areas and territories servicing millions of people and communities every day.

Our members work in public administrations; public utilities such as water and sanitation, electricity, and solid waste. They operate public transport and maintain public spaces; work in social, culture and education services such as libraries, museums, kindergartens, schools and universities. They are health and social services workers. Firefighters, emergency, medical first responders and municipal police are also among LRG/municipal workers.

PSI defends and promotes the union and labour rights of LRG/municipal workers and advocates their decent working and living conditions so that they can sustainably deliver accessible, quality public services to the local communities and territories they serve and successfully confront the many challenges posed by rapid urbanization and globalization.

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